DRIP: 30 Weeks Update.

Hi all, here is my 30 Weeks DRIP Update. I am earning around 12.5 DRIP per day. With today’s price at $73, that’s around $912 per day before taxes, Deposits have grown to 1249, Max payout is 4559 and my team is growing strong 70/257. DRIP’s price is on a steady decline the past couple … Read more

DRIP: Μια σταθερή κατάθεση σε Crypto με απόδοση μέχρι και 3678% ανά έτος.

Θυμάμαι τις μέρες που οι τράπεζες πρόσφεραν 5-7% ετήσια απόδοση τον χρόνο Αυτό ήταν τόσο ωραίο. Εύκολο παθητικό εισόδημα. Θα μπορούσατε να καταθέσουμε για παράδειγμα 100,000 στην τράπεζά μας, να επιλέξουμε 12μηνη σταθερή κατάθεση και στο τέλος των 12 μηνών, θα είχαμε 105,000 υποθέτοντας ότι ο τόκος ήταν 5%. Δεν ήταν καταπληκτικό; Με το να … Read more

Russia Invaded Ukraine And Together Our freedom.

I woke up today and I did what I do every morning. I picked up my phone and opened tradingview.com to check the charts. There was blood in the markets. Crypto, futures, commodities, everything single asset was in the red. But I could not imagine that the blood in the markets was caused by real … Read more

DRIP Math not Magic!

Hi Everyone Today we have a guest post from Charlie Stivers. Charlie has been a professional and licensed investment advisor for the last 17 years on traditional finance. See below his guest post. You can reach Charlie on Twitter https://twitter.com/cgstivers and LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/charliestivers/ Over the 17 years of my financial planning career, it always came … Read more

DRIP Super-spreaders — All it takes is one!

Hi guys, another great article from Cryptozoa. What is really interesting in this article is how much 1 person can impact your downline and explode your returns! He calls it patient zero. Find your patient zero and see your downline grow exponentially. Click below to read the full article https://medium.com/cryptozoa/drip-super-spreaders-all-it-takes-is-one-44100d500bf2 Enjoy 🙂 Read my detailed … Read more