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Today we have a guest post from Charlie Stivers. Charlie has been a professional and licensed investment advisor for the last 17 years on traditional finance. See below his guest post. You can reach Charlie on Twitter https://twitter.com/cgstivers and LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/charliestivers/

Over the 17 years of my financial planning career, it always came down to the fundamentals of investing. I always had to make sure clients understood how money works first.

The number one concept you should understand is compound interest and how it works.

Albert Einstein — Compound Interest

Albert Einstein is said to have described compound interest as the most powerful force in the universe, The Eighth Wonder of the World — he who understands it…earns it; he who doesn’t…pays it.

If I were to offer you one million dollars or a magic penny that doubled every day for 30 days, which one would you pick?

You might be amazed that after doubling a penny daily for 30 days, it would be worth over $5,000,000.

This may seem like an exaggeration, but the math does not lie.

What is DRIP?

DRIP is a Decentralized Finance or DeFi project that provides passive income through smart contracts.

DRIP COMPOUNDING — Easy to understand

Simplicity and time-tested results are key to understanding expectations and managing profits. Utility, Fairness within the contract, and lack of greed with professional leadership is the foundation of sustainable crypto projects.

The Drip Community has witnessed the positive results since the beginning of 2021. Current investors have experienced amazing results and it is still just getting started.

Drip checks all the boxes we look for in crypto investing, and it is a great option for beginners to the experienced to see consistent results with crypto.

You may agree that the Drip Faucet contract is the simplest to understand.


For compound interest to work, you need time on your side. Investing comes down to your behavior — consistency and delayed gratification — both are key while you let the numbers in compounding work hard for your investment so you can receive a good, passive income without touching the principal. This can let take an income for the rest of your life.


The Drip contract works much like a high-yielding Annuity or Certificate of Deposit (CD). Annuities are designed to last the rest of your life and provide a stable and growing income.

Deposit a minimum of 1.25 DRIP and receive 1% per day for an APR of 365%. Where this gets exponentially better is the daily 1% yield can and should be re-compounded, called Hydrating. This allows your contract to continue to grow and generate compound interest.

It is that simple!

How is this possible?

The smart contract is set so anytime money is moved there is a 10% tax that goes to the treasury to further support the contract for all of us and claiming income for yourself at any time. When you compound or hydrate there is only a 5% tax. Zero tax or fees on DRIP purchases within the Drip Fountain when you swap BNB for DRIP.

Turn $1000 into $1,000,000

Click the link below to run your own numbers

Daily Compound Interest Calculator

Daily compound interest is calculated using a simplified version of the compound interest formula. Multiply your…


Utility of the Token

The Drip Community has a giving heart, and many are generous. For those who have an audience, followers, or are building a team, you can Drip to your own community as a Thank You, an incentive, or just because.

One community ran a fundraiser for a husband who unexpectedly died in an accident leaving a family of young children without their father and his income.

If you are a creator or influencer, you can run contests and your own reward program.

YouTubers and Bloggers are starting to get the word out about Drip and are doing a great service for their community. Some are offering FREE Drip to new sign-ups after educating them on the miracle of Compounding DRIP.

Get creative and make it a WIN-WIN!

How to Start

1. Go to https://drip.community/fountain and exchange BNB for DRIP.
— If you need assistance getting some BNB, go check out this article it’s got a great step-by-step guide for how I do it.

2. Go to: https://drip.community/faucet, and scroll down to Get a Buddy.
You have to enter a Buddy address in the Referral section. Consider adding my address for your Buddy0x6cE549cfee82a2176553d1eD87d00a56dbBe55Ae

(You can click the “Buddy Detected” button if you use the link above to get there.

3. Then scroll back up to Deposit and deposit at least 1.25 DRIP (Ensure you have enough BNB to pay for the gas fees.) Your net deposit should be 1.125 after the 10% tax.

4. You’re set up on DRIP. Get ready to receive 1% daily!

I am part of the Cryptozoa DRIP team. We are a global community of DRIP enthusiasts who are welcoming and helpful. We converse on our own private Telegram group where we share DRIP tips, strategies, breaking news, and more. If you would like to join in the conversation, please join the Cryptozoa team (by getting into DRIP and using my Buddy address above), and then head over to the Cryptozoa Team Gateway. Make sure and tell them that Charlie Garden sent you! They can help you get going with DRIP if you need it, or answer any questions you have as well.


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