I wish DRIP’s Price Was Back In The $50s-$60s So I Could Buy More, Oh Wait..

I don’t know how many times I saw these comments in forums and Telegram the past two months. People were complaining why they haven’t discovered DRIP earlier when Price was cheaper. Well, guess what? The DRIP Genie heard their wishes. DRIP is now on sale, around $55. They don’t have excuses anymore, the price is there where they wished.

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But guess what, those wishes about DRIP’s price now are replaced with comments like, we going to zero, the end of DRIP, it’s a blood bath, It’s animal farm’s fault, the price will never recover, I wish I haven’t invested in this, etc etc.

If you are one of those people you should seriously consider if trading and investing are for you. The markets are brutal. They don’t take prisoners. My whole portfolio in Crypto, Stocks and ETFs is down 40% in the last 3 months. Yes, the majority is in Crypto. But even if I lose all my investments, I still have my emergency fund which I cover in a different article Before you invest in the stock market you need to do this

This emergency fund makes me sleep at night. Of course, I will be depressed if all my investments go to zero, but I will survive to fight another day. So if you can’t handle the markets when they are down, and you get stressed maybe investments and trading is not for you, or maybe you should invest smaller amounts.

I am not here to guarantee you that DRIP’s price will recover. Maybe it will go even higher, or maybe it will to zero. I don’t know. Do your own research and invest what you can afford to lose. If I had invested in DRIP at $160, it’s no brainer for me to invest more now that It’s on sale. But that’s me. I never fire all my bullets on one go, and I never go all-in in one project.

If you are new to my blog and want to know more details and how to invest in DRIP have a look at my guide here. If you have any questions drop me a message on Telegram @Demarko10

Recap On How To Invest In Drip

  1. Set up a metamask wallet
  2. Buy BNB Binance or Gate.io.
  3. Go to https://drip.community/fountain and exchange BNB for DRIP.
  4. Enter a Buddy address in the Referral section. You can use my Buddy ID 0x6dE832116Cd0165A1a58eC6F9Be9873670cA10E0
  5. Buy at least 1.12 DRIP, as 1 DRIP is the minimum requirement, and the 0.12 takes care of the tax, so you will have 1 DRIP in your account. Deposit your 1.12 DRIP into the DRIP Faucet. (Always have enough BNB on Metamask to pay for the gas fees.)

I am part of the Cryptozoa DRIP team. We are a global community of DRIP enthusiasts who are welcoming and helpful. We converse on our own private Telegram group where we share DRIP tips, strategies, breaking news, and more. If you would like to join in the conversation, please join the Cryptozoa team (by getting into DRIP and using my Buddy address above), and then head over to the Cryptozoa Team Gateway. Make sure you tell them that Demarko is your buddy! They can help you get going with DRIP if you need it, or answer any questions you have as well. But of course, you can contact me directly on telegram if you prefer!

Take care and I hope I will see you on board!

Some useful links

Contact me on Telegram https://t.me/Demarko10

Drip Telegram Group — https://t.me/DRIPtoken_Chat

Cryptozoa Telegram grouphttps://t.me/joinchat/PbTulqLoCmAzZmQx

DRIP Lightpaper — https://www.docdroid.net/0i3RJTu/drip-lightpaper-pdf

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