My Amazing DRIP Journey So Far: $406,100 earned!

I remember the day I first read about Drip.

It was a warm Saturday morning near the end of July 2021. I was at the beach, alone. My wife and daughter went shopping. I had a run, then a swim, and was feeling pretty good.

I lay down on my sunbed, put on some sun blocker lotion, and pick up my mobile to check some emails. There it was, the last email I has in my inbox, was a medium suggestion from a guy called Patrick Cryptozoa writing about a fixed deposit in Crypto which gives you 1% daily, with the potential of 3678% APY if you reinvest daily! What? What kind of scam is this?

I archived the medium email suggestion, checked the rest of my inbox, and went back for another swim. But something stuck in my head, 1% daily return….!

What if it’s not a scam, what if it’s a solid DeFi project and I miss the train? I rushed outside and went to the medium article again. I read it, I liked the idea and said, I will invest $500 and see what happens. If it’s rug pull, so be it. At least I tried.

Long story short, by the evening I had deposited 10 Drip in the Faucet, which I bought for around $25 each, and some days later the price dropped to $20 so I bought 10 more. In total $450 investment. The only thing that I didn’t like was that I could not withdraw my investment. Once it’s deposited in the faucet, forget it, it’s gone. Considered that money locked away forever, but working for you 24/7 😉 I also contacted Patrick on telegram and he told me he has a telegram group ‘Cryptozoa DRIP Lounge’. This group is a wealth of information about DRIP. Highly recommended.

Days were passing by and I set a daily reminder on my mobile at 9:00 pm called ‘DRIP hydrate’. I haven’t missed a day since, I hydrate daily at 9:00 PM and I claimed 2 times only so far. The second time I claimed was today where Drip price hit $155 so I wanted to celebrate that. After taxes, I saw in my Metamask wallet BNP worth of $1115 claimed from DRIP. Crazy right? Absolutely! Magic internet money baby! More than double of my original investment in one 1 day!

So let’s see how my investment grew over the last 6 months. My original 2O Drip deposit now is 873 Drip which is $ Dollars is $135,315 with today’s prices of $155 per Drip. Mind-blowing. That means that with 873 Drip deposits I can claim daily 8.7 Drip before taxes. That’s $1.348 per day and $40,455 per month, PER MONTH!

My max payout before taxes is now worth (3,187-567) x $155 = $406,100. Yeap, crazy if you think that my original investment was $450.

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Just to clarify, the $406,100 are my earnings if I stop hydrating and start claiming every day. But I have no intention of doing that. I want to continue hydrating until my deposits hit around 27,300 and the max payout is 100.000. I have recently started a second wallet and I will slowly build that too.

But even if I stick only to 1 wallet when I reach the 100.000 max deposit I would probably have already claimed around 15.000 so I can claim another 85.000. Let’s take into account 30% tax. (Claim, sell, whale whatever). That leaves me around 60.000 Drip. Let’s say drip is $100 in one year from now, which means I can claim $6 Million. If the price is $200 then I can claim $12 Million. Crazy!


Let’s talk about my team Downline. 62 Direct and 193 Total. When I started I had no intention to build a team. I said I am gonna hydrate every single day, and let the magic compounding effect to the work for me.

After a few days, I went for a coffee with a couple of my friends and of course, the discussion went on Crypto. These friends are not very crypto literate, but they are street smart. One of them when I explained Drip, said I am in. I didn’t have to do anything, I just mentioned DRIP, he liked it, and boom I had my first Direct.

So I thought maybe I can just talk about DRIP, without pushing people and the ones that will like it, they will join, the ones that don’t, well, it’s their loss. I have been active on Reddit, Instagram, TikTok not making content but engaging in comments and discussions. I wrote a few articles here, and my buddy ID is in one of Patrick’s articles. The combination of all of that built that team, and I am so grateful for that!

What else can I say about DRIP? It’s never too late for people to join. Even with this price. Drip could be $1,000 or $5,000 in a year from now, who knows? A lot of money to be made. If you can’t afford much, start small, or DCA every week, and… hydrate! Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate! Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world, He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t pays it.

Feel free to check my DRIP guide here

Good luck!

Recap On How To Invest In Drip

  1. Set up a metamask wallet
  2. Buy BNB Binance or
  3. Go to and exchange BNB for DRIP.
  4. Enter a Buddy address in the Referral section. You can use my Buddy ID 0x6dE832116Cd0165A1a58eC6F9Be9873670cA10E0
  5. Buy at least 1.12 DRIP, as 1 DRIP is the minimum requirement, and the 0.12 takes care of the tax, so you will have 1 DRIP in your account. Deposit your 1.12 DRIP into the DRIP Faucet. (Always have enough BNB on Metamask to pay for the gas fees.)

I am part of the Cryptozoa DRIP team. We are a global community of DRIP enthusiasts who are welcoming and helpful. We converse on our own private Telegram group where we share DRIP tips, strategies, breaking news, and more. If you would like to join in the conversation, please join the Cryptozoa team (by getting into DRIP and using my Buddy address above), and then head over to the Cryptozoa Team Gateway. Make sure you tell them that Demarko is your buddy! They can help you get going with DRIP if you need it, or answer any questions you have as well. But of course, you can contact me directly on telegram if you prefer!

Take care and I hope I will see you on board!

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