New Year, Time To Set Some New Goals!

New Year, New Goals! Every year I like to set some goals and track them during with year. It’s a good way to keep myself motivated and alert. The goals are a combination of financial, self-improvement, and health-related goals. You can set your own goals based on what you want to achieve or improve during the new year.

I like to set big and challenging goals. When you set big targets and expectations you trick your mind to think bigger. You know the phrase “Dream Big” or “If your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough”? Well, it’s true, by setting big goals you will force yourself to get out of your comfort zone.

Financial Goals

My financial goals are very simple. Earn More, Save More, and Invest more. The goal every year is to earn, save, and invest more than the previous year. And no, I don’t achieve these goals every year but for sure i work my ass off trying to achieve them.

Start focusing on how to earn more. When you earn more it’s easier to save more, taking for granted that you will not change dramatically your lifestyle. I am not saying not to treat yourself if you get a big fat bonus, but don’t spend all of it to buy a new car. Spend part of that bonus and give yourself a reward, save, and most important INVEST.

And what better way to invest than M1Finance? It’s probably the best and safest platform to start investing.

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What is M1? In one sentence: M1 is Smart Money Management, allowing you to control and personalize your
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M1 services and features worth calling out:
Any one of these features are very powerful. Using two or more together is even more powerful.

M1 INVEST: Smart Investing

M1 BORROW: Smart, Hassle free, and more Cost-effective

M1 SPEND: Smart Cash Management

M1 PLUS: Smartest Perks (Yearly fee)

For M1 PLUS there is a great offer running until 31 January 2021. Any new user who joins will get a 1 year free trial in M1 Plus if they opt-in. A whole year? 12 Months?? Yup 🙂

Who M1 is ideal for:

  • Sophisticated investors can take advantage of M1’s high level of customization and tailor their portfolio as they wish (Investopedia ranked M1 #1 for sophisticated investors in 2019)
  • Beginner investors can get started quickly with any of the 80+ expert portfolios on M1’s platform.
  • Dividend growth investors can keep track of their earnings with our dashboard and automation.
  • Medium to long-term investors.
  • Engaged or passive investors.
  • Frugal investors can minimize costs because M1 doesn’t charge commissions or management fees while still offering a litany of features.
  • DIY investors who can make their own decisions without the help of an adviser.
  • Investors who want a sleek, intuitive interface with advanced features like automation, fractional shares, and a flexible portfolio line of credit to add diversification and leverage to their portfolios.
  • Smart money managers who like to have their finances organized and optimized in one place.

Self Improvement Goals

Every year I try to be better than the previous year. That means to know more things. You can learn more things from various sources. Books, podcasts, YouTube, blogs, newspapers. Lately, my primary source of new information is podcasts. It’s so easy with podcasts. I can hear them when driving to work, to the supermarket, while working out, or having a walk. One podcast I really enjoy lately is with Ryan Daniel Moran. The Podcast Network presents content for those who are bold enough to create change, pursue wealth, find freedom, take control of their health, and reach their full potential.

I aim to learn something new every day. My goals for this year are:

  • Read at least one blog post/article per day
  • Read 4 books
  • Listen at least 20 minutes of podcast per day.

Health Goals

Health should be our primary concern. Many times we neglect it because we spend a lot of time working and we don’t consider it as a priority until we get sick. I have been there myself. I didn’t get sick, but I saw my body change, my mind not as sharp as before, more easily getting tired, loss of motivation, stressed, and my sleep quality deteriorated.

So every year I set very simple goals for my health.

  • Eat healthy at least 5 days per week,
  • Train 4 times per week (Warmup 10 minutes, HIIT 10 minutes, 20 secs on, 20 seconds rest)

There you have it. My goals for the New Year! It’s very exciting to set new goals and tracking them throughout the whole year. I hope this blog post motivates you to set some goals. If you set some financial, self-improvement, and health goals your future self will thank you. And remember, it’s never too late to start. It all starts with a small investment, one book, one pushup.

Go to M1Finance and make your first investment. You will be glad 20 years from now that you started investing today!

Books worth reading

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