Russia Invaded Ukraine And Together Our freedom.

I woke up today and I did what I do every morning. I picked up my phone and opened to check the charts. There was blood in the markets. Crypto, futures, commodities, everything single asset was in the red. But I could not imagine that the blood in the markets was caused by real blood in the streets.

Russia invaded Ukraine and together our freedom. A European country is getting hammered in 2022. My brain can’t process this information. I am sure there are many geopolitical factors why Russia decided to do this but I don’t care about the reasons. I care about the innocent people in Ukraine, the kids, that have to live with fear. That their daily life has changed overnight, that they can’t go play in the park, that they can’t visit their families, that they can’t go to school, and that they have to say goodbye to their fathers because they will go fight and protect their country.

What is happening now in Ukraine, happened to my country, Cyprus as well in 1974. Turkey invaded and still occupies almost half of the island. I was not alive when the invasion took place, but my father was, and the stories were terrifying.

I got dressed and went downstairs, where my three-year-old daughter was waiting for me to take her to school. She had the most beautiful innocent smile on her face and I just grabbed her, hugged her, and kissed her I don’t know how many times. I could not stop thinking that some miles away, in Ukraine there are fathers like me that have to say goodbye to their families and go fight not knowing if they will see them again.

As I was driving my little one to school, I had this annoying feeling that our lives are controlled by other people in important positions, like presidents and prime ministers. These are people like us, they have two legs, two arms, two eyes, they eat the same, breathe the same, but they control countries, and their decisions affect millions of citizens.

What drives me mad, is that the world continues to operate as normal, like nothing is happening in Ukraine. I still had to go to work, I had my meetings, ate lunch, set goals, set deadlines, and I was watching the updates on TV. The world continues to operate as normal except in Ukraine, where people’s main goal now is not getting killed.

And my feelings are not only Ukraine. This applies to Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and anywhere else that people are getting killed.

Can you imagine waking in the middle of the night and hearing war sirens and explosions? Can you imagine that you need to take a decision to stay or pack a few clothes and leave your house, city, country? You need to keep your family safe. Can you just close your eyes and imagine being in that position? That’s a terrifying thought.

I wish from the bottom of my heart that this ends soon, and people return to their homes, safe and alive. I wish no other child, father, mother, get in this situation again.

I apologize that this article was not about making money, Passive income, Drip, Stocks, Crypto but the past couple of days my thoughts are occupied with what is going on in Ukraine.

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