Stocks: Apple swing trade 18/10/2020

A lot of you have been asking me if I also trade stocks or FX, together with long term investing in ETFs. My primary goal is to invest as much money as possible every month in ETFs, and yes at the same time, I am trading stocks and also some FX trading. I am not a daytrader, I don’t believe in day trading, so the method I trade is swing trading. I follow a very simple method that I will explain in a future post.

A stock trade I am currently in, and I believe someone can enter this trade even now. Apple made a nice pullback and I got in at an average price of $115.33 and my first target is $135, where I will close around 40%-50% of my position and let the rest run. Current price now is 119.02 so there is still room to enter this trade if you want. If the price falls to $110, I will add more to my position.

As you can see RSI is currently at 54.01, meaning that is not overbought so there is room for the stock to appreciate.

I will start posting more trades, as a lot of people have been asking me on individual stock trading.

If you are new to stock trading please be careful and practice a demo account first or just fund your brokerage account with a small amount just to practice. If you are a beginner I suggest to start investing in ETFs instead of trading individual stocks.

Trading can be fun, but it’s dangerous too, I see people that they trade on emotion and not based on their method.

I am currently trading stocks with Interactive brokers

Let me know in the comments below what do you think about this trade or if you have any other question. I am happy to get feedback from and answer your questions

Happy trading!

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