Things you can invest in and change your life

What do we all want? We want to be healthy and happy. Money can’t buy happiness but can make your life easier. So people spend a lot of their time chasing money and building wealth. Don’t get me wrong, building wealth is awesome, but you should also invest in other things too.

Invest in yourself

Take care of your health and educate yourself. If you don’t do invest in your health and in education you will never advance in your career. Think about it, how you will be able to work if you are sick?

How you will be able to build your business or take that promotion if you don’t invest in education. Health and education give you an advantage over the competition. Health will keep you going, knowledge will solve your problems. The more books you read, the more podcasts you listen the more knowledge you accumulate.

Invest in things that make you happy.

Do not deprive things you love. Take that trip, buy that pair of shoes, take that body massage. You work hard all year long, you deserve to spend some of your money on things that make you happy. I am not saying spend all your money, You need a balance here. It’s not black and white.

And things that made you happy usually it’s free, Going for a long walk in nature, swim in the ocean, listening to music. If that is your therapy make sure you save some time during the week for the activity you love.

Invest in your energy

We are all busy. Most of us have kids. Between work, friends, family, working out and hobbies is not always easy to get everything in to have a balanced life.

I find my self when I work long hours and the balance shifts towards work and I neglect my hobbies and working out, my energy levels drop significantly.

The number one energy killer is toxic people, toxic environment, toxic conversations. I realized that the more I avoid them, the more energy I have. Toxic people can be a relative, a co-worker, a friend. You don’t need the extra drama in your life, avoid them at all cost.

Even with your spouse, if you find yourself doing the same pointless discussions again and again, you need to stop doing it. It wastes time and energy.

Invest in your time

How you manage your time can have an enormous impact on your life satisfaction. Do you spend your time on things that really matter to you?

Time is the only thing you can’t buy. You can’t buy more seconds, hours, years. Some of the most important decisions you will make in your life is who you spend your time with, what you spend your time on, and where you spend your time.

Invest in training your brain.

Your brain is a powerful tool but it’s difficult to control it. How can you contain your negative thoughts? You can’t, you just need to accept them. Next time you are having a negative thought, accept it, and think immediately of something that makes you happy. It can be an old memory, or just use your imagination.

This can make wonders for you. It’s like hacking your brain from the inside

Before you go to sleep you can easily train your brain. Reflect on your day and think about three specific good things that happened to you that day. Whether if it was someone buying you a cup of coffee, an amazingly beautiful sunset, or landing a new client. Even the smallest things, like being paid a compliment, having lunch with an old friend, or watching your dog roll around, are more than enough to make you happy.

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